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About us

SW development

We develop custom software using the latest technologies on mobile and web platforms. We offer innovative solutions that ensure technology investment of our customers. We apply, adapt and improve free software solutions to minimize operating costs without losing focus on the support and maintenance.


We plan and develop courses customized to the needs of our customers. Our practical training prioritizes the generation of incremental prototypes based on projects that the customer needs to perform. We also offer post-project support to ensure prototypes finally converted in products.


We perform web accessibility analysis of sites and applications, in order to meet standards and improve the usability of the systems to all users. We train and generate awareness in developers, managers and content generators on the importance of web accessibility in the context of the knowledge society and the information age.


We provide software testing through the use of both manual and automated tools in order to provide to the customer an objective and independent information about the quality of its products. We ensure a quality investment to the customer to perform a long-term time saving.


A good software documentation helps people working with the system understand its features and functions. We produce documents of requirements, specifications, analysis and design for both programmers and analysts and also for management and end users.

Others services

We are IT professionals with extensive experience and continuous training and development looking for new challenges. We can carry out any type of information technology projects. Contact us for more information about our services.